ITS ONLY POWER AND TORQUE THAT IS REALLY MATTERING. THE NEWEST POWERTRAIN TECHNOLOGY FOR THE MIKENO MPV. The MIKENO MPV is the first ultra-light MPV on the market. What would better fit to this philosophy than the latest downsizing engine technology. Smaller engines today does not mean that the engine has to run on higher RPM's or the life-cycle of the used parts are lower.

Many manufacturers today are reducing engine capacity and number of cylinders. By adding turbocharger or supercharger and direct injection technology, they provide powerful engines with similar performance to a much larger engine, but with much improved efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. A smaller engine is also often lighter, so the car can be lighter and therefore nimbler. Find out more about the MIKENO MPV powertrain components with the links below.



    EURO 5/6 compliant engine pack.


    6-speed state of the art gearboxes (manual or automatic)