MIKENO Multi Purpose Vehicle GmbH
Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse 2
61476 Kronberg / Taunus · Germany
Phone: +49 6173 92 55 16 · Fax: +49 6173 92 55 10
E-Mail: info@mikeno.de
NGO's have special requirements for their vehicles. We offer environmental friendly vehicles for all kinds of petrol quality and the lowest weight in the MPV vehicle class. Together with our partners, which are experienced over 30 years in building NGO vehicles - we develop tailer made solutions up to protected vehicles according to the highest standards. For a wide variety of applications there is additional equipment - also business specific - available. The optional MIKENO FLEXBODY changing system can be used for different applications on the same vehicle. Superior ground clearance and offroad-abilities for an MPV: almost 44 cm is enough for obstacles such as trees or rocks.

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