We are not able to provide all needed answers on this wegpage. In this section you can access deeper informations on the MIKENO MPV vehicle. If the desired information can't be found, please send us your request / questions via the contact-form.


  • Why there is no fixed gross weight of the MIKENO MPV?

    As in Europe we still have locally different laws and taxes, we offer the MIKENO MPV in three gross weight variants: 2400 kg (due to tax reason) 2800 kg (what is the border for being equipped with a digital tachograph) and 3200 kg what is the technical maximum weight of the vehicle.

  • Why there are not so much colors available for the MIKENO MPV?

    As the MIKENO MPV is not a mass production vehicle we are able to deliver any color wanted. There are a few basic colors but on demand our customers can request any color. As we are using completely colored ABS sheet material for the ouside body the only limitation will be the availability of spare parts and the logistic process, as we have to stock every part in every color we producing. The MIKENO MPV's body is not colored in production. For a special color we need a number of vehicles produced or later spare parts have to be colored manually when replaced.

  • What will be the base price for a MIKENO MPV vehicle?

    As we are setting up the prices and technical setup with our remote importers and sales partners, the basic price of a MIKENO MPV vehicle will be around 35.000 €. Of course the price is much influenced by the technical equipment of the vehicle. But even the MIKENO MPV is a small series vehicle produced in small quanities, the price is comparable to other market companions in the same segment.

  • Where is the MIKENO factory located?

    As MIKENO will not operate an own factory, the MIKENO MPV will be produced by a partner, that has experience in producing individual high quality vehicles. We will announce the factory within May 2014. As the MIKENO MPV production is from technology a simple SDK/CDK philosophy, the factory can be operational within a few months as we are working already one year on the implementation process.