MIKENO is a small series special vehicle producer based in germany. The company’s team combines over 40 years of experience building professional vehicles in the off-road sector. The first product „MIKENO MPV“ is now on the way to production and will conquer as Multi-Purpose-Vehicle both military and
commercial markets around the globe.

New materials and a complete new concept: The MIKENO MPV is the first product of MIKENO and a pure work horse with light-weight galvanized frame and ABS-plastic body. Based on technology from a leading major world manufacturer the MIKENO MPV offers a maximum of technical freedom to be adapted to any requirement.

The MIKENO MPV is produced as so called „small series vehicle“ directly on and for the demand of the commercial customer. All MIKENO vehicles are hand-made and produced with the highest quality standard in europe. The vehicle is street-legal and homologated as N1G.

We use only un-changed original parts from major european OEM's. We mix this reliable parts with high-tech materials that are durable and tough for a hard use in everyday commercial life. We are only dedicated to the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our department for special vehicles is able to fulfill all ideas on a MIKENO MPV vehicle.


    Real deeds instead of only words.


    Please contact us via the contact form. We are happy to see your feedback and ideas on future MIKENO MPV vehicles


    MIKENO is not producing his vehicles by themselves, also there is no MIKENO owned factory. Find out more.